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"The idea of the “The Call,” “The Journey” and “The Return” are part of the classical hero’s journey that are the perpetual and essential elements of the human learning process. The critical shift we want to make is to encourage the students to take responsibility for their own learning as part of the human experience and to create a more collaborative learning environment with the teacher as facilitator of learning rather than expert."

Ward Maillard, Educator, Mount Madonna School

For those that are interested, the Compassion 2.0 Community offers a very focused learning effort framed around what we call a "Learning Journey.", which is based on the work of Ward Maillard and the Values Program at Mount Madonna School.

We will deep dive into various threads of topics related to our overall offering found in our podcasts, salons and summits. This currciulum will be created by the participants, and will unfold as the participants determine topics for its course of study. Facilitators will direct and facilitate the activities of the participants.

The end of this year's journey, will result in the "Return" at the Unconference at Mount Madonna Center. Here we will unpack and sythesize what we have learned, have we as individuals have changed, and more importantly, how we have changed our organizations for the better.

In order to have the greatest possible experience for the participants, the Learning Journey will be limited in the number of participants.

If you are interested in participating, which includes helping to define the process, please contact; [email protected]

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